Who created My Peak Challenge?
Sam Heughan is the founder of My Peak Challenge.

Is My Peak Challenge based in Scotland?
No, My Peak Challenge was founded by Scottish actor Sam Heughan and has members from around the globe, but its headquarters is in the United States.

Are MPC’s charity partners nonprofit organizations?
Yes, MPC’s charity partners are all internationally recognized nonprofit organizations.

Does Sam Heughan get paid by My Peak Challenge?
No, Sam Heughan is not paid by MPC.

Is My Peak Challenge a nonprofit organization?
No, My Peak Challenge, LLC, is a service-providing organization that offers its members editorial and tutorial lifestyle-improvement content while raising funds and awareness for its charity partners.

How much of the membership fee is donated to charity?
Fifty percent of membership fees (after payment processing, membership gift, fulfillment and admin fees) is donated directly to our charity partners.

What is the remaining 50 percent spent on?
The remainder of the membership fees is invested in creating and growing this platform, its service, its costs and the expenditures of its operation (including but not limited to: costs of goods, costs of production, development, staff, contractors, platform, hosting, rent, utilities, fixtures, equipment, payroll, insurance, taxes, legal, accounting, inventory, and marketing, being among the most frequent operating costs and expenses).

Does MPC receive half of all funds raised?
No. While MPC donates half of every membership fee received, the total amount raised comes from a number of other sources, many of which MPC receives nothing from. For example, there are direct donations via our JustGiving pages, merchandise sales, any profit from Gala ticket sales, funds raised via special campaigns such as the Munro Step Challenge in support of Bloodwise, the Ballsy campaign in support of testicular cancer research, and the “win a date with Sam” campaign via a third party. Funds raised via all of those methods are included in the grand total raised, but MPC does not receive half of (and in fact, in most of those cases receives no) funds raised via those campaigns.

Can I use MPC and/or Peaker branding for merchandise?
No, “My Peak Challenge” and “Peaker” are both trademarked and their unauthorized usage constitutes copyright infringement.

Can I use the MPC model or its program outside the MPC membership platform?
No, My Peak Challenge and its content are solely created for MPC and its platform. Outside usage and/or replication of the model are prohibited.


When will I receive my membership gift?
Please allow six to eight weeks from registration for receipt of your MPC membership gift.

Can I exchange or return my membership gift?
The membership T-shirt is a gift as part of your membership benefits. Unfortunately, we can’t offer returns or exchanges on the gift.

I live outside of the US. Will I have to pay import taxes on my membership gift?
MPC is headquartered in the US, so our currency is USD. Fortunately, there will be no import taxes due on the welcome gift because we mark that it is a gift and therefore has (close to) zero value on the customs form.

Is the program available for all ages?
Yes. However, if you're under 18, we request that you acquire parental consent and supervision. The Facebook group is only available for 18+ members.

Can I get a refund when I cancel my membership?
Upon registration, you will be given access to the platform for 12 months from the day of the sign-up or launch of the program, whichever is later. We have a 30-day cancellation policy (from the date of registration). If you would like a refund of the 50 percent of your membership fee that will be donated on your behalf to our charity partners, you are required to request as much.


Can the training program be done at the gym or at home?
The MPC training program is designed to be done either in a gym or at home. As you get stronger and fitter, however, you may need to invest in some basic training equipment (dumbbells or kettlebells, for example) to continue to progress at home.

Is this program available globally?
Yes, MPC is available worldwide. However, restrictions may apply in countries with strict internet access regulations.

Do I get a full year no matter when I sign up?
Yes, memberships last for a full year from date of purchase and grant you access to the existing program for that duration. If you are registering at the end of a calendar year for the program commencing the next year, your membership will last for a year from the date of launch of that program.

Does my membership include access to every year's course?
No, when you join a course, you only receive access to that year's course for 12 months.

Can I see a sample of the workouts or meal plans?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a sample to share, but it might help to know that the training program is designed to be done in a gym or at home, and there are variations for each exercise to adapt it to your abilities. As for nutrition, we offer two meal plans, one for meat-eaters and one for lacto/ovo vegetarians. They’re based on balancing macros to our specifications, and we explain how to do that so that you can modify the meal plan to suit your own personal dietary needs and preferences or create your own from scratch.

How do I come up with a challenge?
There’s no requirement to have a challenge when you start the MPC program. Think about something you’ve always wanted to do. That’s always a good place to start. There’s no formal method to declare your goals or challenge, but most people choose to use the members’ Facebook group for that purpose.

How does the training program cater to people with different abilities?
The way that the workouts are adaptable to different abilities (whether because of varying fitness levels or the result of injuries, illness, etc.) is that we offer what we call “variations” for each exercise. The variations range from basic to more advanced, so as you gain flexibility or strength or fitness, you can progress through the variations while still completing the workout as written. Which variation you choose to start with depends on your abilities, and we always recommend that you consult your physician before starting a new training program, just so you’re clear on what movements are strictly off-limits for you.

My doctor/physical therapist/nutritionist/other health professional wants to understand the training and nutrition program I’m doing. How can I share it with them?
Your health is of utmost importance to us, and we encourage you to involve your health care team in your fitness regime. We recommend you share the training crib sheets or meal plan booklets with your doctor or physical therapist or other health provider, where needed.


Is membership in the private Facebook group required?
No, joining the Facebook group is voluntarily and serves as added value to your membership. You do not need to be a member in the group to complete the MPC program.

How long does it take to get accepted into the private Facebook group?
We cross-check every name in the queue for the Facebook group against our membership list. This takes time, so when the page opens, it can take a week or more to be accepted. After the initial rush dies down, we usually go through the queue once a day during business hours.

Why was I not accepted into the private Facebook group?
We cross-check every name in the queue for the Facebook group against our membership list. The most common reason a person is removed from the queue is because the name on her Facebook account differs from the name on our membership list. If this is the case for you, please email community@mypeakchallenge.com to let us know.

How can I contact an admin of the Facebook group?
The best way to reach out is via email to community@mypeakchallenge.com.

Why has my post been removed from the Facebook group?
MPC reserves the rights to remove any post it considers in violation to its Group Rules. We also often close comments on posts that are, for whatever reason, not appropriate for the group. The Group Rules are shared with all members via the email invitation to the group. They are also pinned as an announcement in the group itself.

I have been removed from the Facebook group. Can I access the group again?
MPC reserves the right to grant access to the private Facebook group based solely on its own discretion. If group rules have been violated, we will consider the severity and make a judgment based on that.

If I remove myself from the FB group, can I rejoin the group again whenever I wish?
If you have been removed from the group or remove yourself voluntarily, your return to the group will be at our discretion.

I have a question not covered here.
Please email us at support@mypeakchallenge.com.


Please be advised Sam Heughan will NEVER personally solicit funds from members. If you receive a personal message or solicitation from “Sam Heughan” asking for money, please ignore it and report as spam to the relevant platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.).