Members Receive

  • The exclusive official MPC members T-shirt and wristband, our welcome gift to you
  • Full access to the entire MPC platform, which includes:
    • Move: a selection of daily training programs based on goals and featuring workouts that are easy to follow and adaptable to different fitness and mobility levels
    • Flow: our all-level yoga program with a variety of sessions that focus on strength, mobility and flexibility
    • Exhale: our mindfulness program, designed to help you stay connected, be present and reduce stress through simple breath work
    • Fuel: a video collection covering the basics of human nutrition and an introduction to various ways of structuring food intake, along with a cookbook featuring hundreds of tasty recipes
    • Community Forum: where you can interact with and get support from our coaches
    • Exercise Libraries: our exercise and exercise variations libraries offer video demonstrations of each exercise in the workout programs and a series of alternate exercises that can be used to personalize the programs and adapt them to most fitness abilities
  • An invitation to our private Facebook group, where you can get support from fellow Peakers and the MPC team
  • Members-only features, including content and community updates not available elsewhere
  • Invites to our exclusive members-only events and Gala
  • The fulfilling feeling of knowing that a portion of each membership fee goes to help clean our oceans and shorelines

Please check back on January 12 for MPC2024 registration.