MPC Gala Information

At long last, we are excited to be able to host our third MPC community gathering in Edinburgh, Scotland, on April 30-May 1, 2022.
This year, the festivities will include a workout with Coach Valbo, a yoga session with Coach Mooney, a mindfulness session with Coach Elizabeth, an outdoor activity TBD, and of course, our official MPC Gala, including a delicious Scottish dinner, speeches, music, dancing, lots of fun, and more!
The first round of tickets was sold in 2020, before Covid shut the world down. To align with current Covid regulations, we will be limiting attendance to the number of tickets originally sold. We are currently processing refunds for those ticketholders who requested them and will alert all eligible members of our community if and when any further tickets go on sale. Any future ticket sales will be open to MPC2020, MPC2021 or MPC2022 members.
To keep attendees safe, our venues are aligning with Scotland’s Covid guidelines. These guidelines change frequently, so please check them HERE
If you have any questions about the event, please contact us here.