My Peak Challenge began with a call to action. In 2015, Sam Heughan challenged his fans to challenge themselves while raising funds for charity.

The message resonated, and the My Peak Challenge T-shirt became synonymous with unity and camaraderie.

In 2016, a 60-day training and nutrition program was designed to help members develop the foundation to meet their challenges. Thousands joined and a global community of Peakers was born.

In 2017, MPC grew again, offering our members a full 12 months of workouts and meal plans. The community swelled. For the first time we celebrated in person, hiking and sweating, dining and dancing together at the first MPC gala in Scotland.

Since then, our global community of Peakers has continued to take on the challenge of improving their physical, mental and emotional fitness, and in the process has raised almost $7 million for our charity partners. Lives have been changed. Friendships and extended families have been forged. 

And we’re doing it all again this year.

MPC offers an annual membership to help empower its members to achieve improved health, wellness and mindfulness. Members receive access to a variety of training programs for all fitness levels, complete with variations to adapt the program to their own individual needs and athletic abilities; an educational nutrition video library plus a cookbook full of hundreds of healthy and tasty recipes; an all-levels yoga program designed to stretch and revitalize weary muscles; a mindfulness program created to promote a steady mind and improve self-appreciation; and the support and motivation of our global community of Peakers.

But that’s not all MPC does. In the past few years, MPC has raised millions of dollars in charitable donations, which have fully financed vital research projects for blood-cancer treatment, addressed environmental problems, supported end-of-life care, and helped fight hunger worldwide.

Meanwhile, our Peakers have gained mobility, rediscovered their confidence, become stronger and more healthy, broadened their experiences, traveled the world and made long-lasting new friends. They have empowered themselves and each other to indulge and grow their interests, to explore their communities and the world and, ultimately, to change their lives.

Join us now on the first step of your journey to a healthier lifestyle.